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"I was a great investment for our company. We found professionalism, reliability, we felt safe about the proposal and we reached excellent results. I don't have complaints, they have shown superior knowledge in their field, in addition to the dedication we just have to congratulate them."



Gela Boca - Ice Cream Shop

"I like the professionalism in which they handle the demands and the networking opportunities they are creating for us."



Transformação - Coaching Consulting

"EW has captured the exact idea and what we wish to convey to people and in a very professional way they have detected our values and incorporated them in our brand. Congratulations to all the team!! My sincere votes of success and big achievements!"



Juscon - Accounting Firm

"It was a process of profound involvement that allowed us to find the true image of our brand and company through the comprehension of the high volatility of this very initial state of building a business."



Boa Gula Delivery

"EW Design Studio went through a long path searching the ideal image for our brand and with great persistence and professionalism concluded such a marvelous work. We couldn't be more satisfied and happy! Thanks Erivan and Jana!"


IB - Chefe de Cozinha

Boa Gula Delivery

"All the jobs we have done with EW Design were quickly delivered (within the schedule and most of the times even in advance) and with a greta quality!"




"Perfect job,quick answer, high level of knowledge"




"Excellent service. Quality and agility. New and old clients very satisfied with the visuals created by EW. "



Aqua - Automotive Care.

"I'm very satisfied with the work done with Netlook and IONS projects."



IONS Systems

"Our image has improved a lot, making the interaction with the market so much easier."


Garcia Lawyers.

"So far, my expectations has been exceeded by you."



"Our experience with EW was very positive in the beginning of 2008, when we decided to reformulate the presentation of our firm in the market.

But it wasn't the stationery or the corporative gifts developed which brought us the results but the creativity and the aggressive and daring design as the end of a whole work leading us to reach the planned goals."



Garcia Lawyers.

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