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EW Design Studio is the resulting business of two parallel endeavors in our main action fields: Brand and Packaging Design.

In April 2001, we founded Madhouse PackWorks to attend Pharmaceutical Laboratories, which has a big demand in the artwork development for their packaging. Our first client in this area was Novartis Biosciences (and a number of its business units), after that came  Latinofarma, LIBBS, SANDOZ, Schering-Plough (now MSD) and others.


In the end of 2005, we brought to the market a more strategic way to make design: You - Brand Psychology whose proposal was building brand personality into a strategical view. You - Brand Psychology has leveraged the image of several companies from the most different sizes and market segments. In the beginning of 2012 we decided to unite both initiatives of success into a single one, which we called EW Design Studio. Since then, our business proposition has been attracting many companies which have been benefiting from a serious work, wide and complete on print and digital medias.

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